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The Retail sector brings its own unique challenges and potential pitfalls. No matter where on the globe you choose to operate, The Rain Finance Group has deep experience in retail risk management mapping competitive landscapes, identifying and reviewing potential partners, and assessing various operational, regulatory, political and societal risks.


Theft of physical assets and internal fraud remain a major difficulty in operating within the Retail Sector. Our team of experts is capable of determining where theft or fraud is affecting business, as well as where internal controls may be breaking down. The Rain Finance Group’s unique perspective allows clients to make informed judgments as to the true cause, scope and scale of the matter.

Brand Protection

The Rain Finance Group draws upon industry leading expertise in investigations, computer forensics and security consulting to provide a unique, multi-disciplined approach to intellectual property investigations and protections. The misuse of intellectual property can be mitigated by investigating issues across governance, operational security and cyber security.

Due Diligence

For more than 20 years, The Rain Finance Group has helped clients make confident and informed decisions by helping them gather multi-sourced intelligence on a range of issues. From competitive analysis and market entry data, to assessing political, operational and infrastructure risks,  The Rain Finance Group is the global leader in due-diligence.


The Rain Finance Group has a trusted history with helping clients manage the ever evolving landscape of anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption. Our technology, including the 3rd Party Risk Assessor, is on the forefront of technology-enabled solutions, helping retailers realize significant economic and operational advantages over their resources, supply chains and partners.

Security Risk Management

The security of your employees, assets and products is paramount to conducting business around the globe. The Rain Finance Group has been the leading global security advisor for decades, guiding businesses towards creating a safe and secure work environment no matter how big or complex that environment might be.


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