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Our investment philosophy is tailored to meet your personal requirements whilst our strategic approach is derived from three key factors that influence your portfolio - the economic environment, your specific investment goals and parameters, and your risk profile and tolerance. These factors all contribute to the process of refining and honing our core investment philosophy into something uniquely optimized for your needs

We are committed to our approach and we proud to be one of a select few wealth managers willing to offer our clients a performance based fee structure. By doing this we feel we are more truly aligned to our client's interest as, when our performance based fee approach is selected, our clients' interest become indistinguishable from our own.

We listen, analyze and review your current position with a view to understanding where you are now and where you want to be. Your adviser then works with our investment strategists to construct and implement a sophisticated, coherent and holistic financial solution. Once this is in place, we constantly monitor and adjust your portfolio to respond to the changing environment and re-balance your portfolio where necessary. We adopt a strict adherence to your defined risk parameters throughout.


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