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The Rain Finance Group was founded by Mr Alan Verdoes,  his idea was backed by a highly competent group of advisers, with first-hand experience from large wealth management companies, including Barclays Wealth management service with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Rain Finance Group was established in 1995. The company was initially a start-up with our Director and Founder, Mr Alan Verdoes, at the forefront, and the team gradually grew to what it is today. From the early days our team has had a clear service proposition in mind, which is to look after our clients exceptionally well and in a way that is unique to each client. The company has successfully been able to grow and withstand challenges throughout the years due to us staying focused on what we do really well.

We the The Rain Finance Group  continuously learn and grow, while applying expert knowledge and creativity to develop lending solutions and maintaining relationships with our customers based on mutual integrity, respect and courtesy.

Our business is built on strength, honesty, trust, integrity, class, persistence, passion, compassion, attitude, energy, teamwork, listening, communicating, executing, dedicating, drive, and determination to be the best building and unyielding bond with our borrowers. We do offer between 3-5% annual interest rate depending on the deal or project.

The Rain Finance Group has earned a progressively impressive reputation for delivering exceptional results and services. We have enjoyed a proven track record of highly satisfied clients throughout the years.

If you are looking to partner with a lifelong specialist in mortgage advisory, then you have certainly come to the right place. We are a well-awarded establishment throughout the years as industry leaders, and well-known among our associates and peers in the finance industry. Our strengths lies in extensive finance knowledge and expertise, our out of the box approach and solution delivery, our compassion and outlook on how to best assist our clients’ financial needs now and in the future.

We offer a wide range of services and specialist services, which you may not be able to find within the finance and lending space. Services like home and investment loans, business loans, land and construction loans, refinance, vehicle and equipment finance. We also offer specialist services and advice for clients looking for self-managed super fund (SMSF) lending, franchise lending, to mention a few. Take a look at our full list of services to explore our capabilities in looking after your finance needs.

Our clients’ testimonials and reviews set us apart from the crowd and re-assure you that you are in safe hands, when you reach out for our services.

It is not only the extraordinary services we have provided to the community all these years that has earned us a progressively impressive reputation for delivering exceptional results, but our ability to deliver a proven track record of highly satisfied clients year on year with a referral base based on trust.

161 W Altadena Drive, CA 91001, United States
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