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The diversity of professionals at The Rain Finance Group enables us to help the Education field with complimentary and sophisticated fact-finding skill sets and analytical methodologies. Working seamlessly as part of a multidisciplinary team, we draw upon this knowledge to offer Education clients uncommon insight and superior out comes.

Education Clients find The Rain Finance Group integrated investigative approach and third-party independence particularly valuable when faced with complex fraud, financial or cyber investigations. Our multidisciplinary expertise coupled with proprietary technology platforms and sophisticated applications enable us to provide clients with customized, cost-effective and time-sensitive investigations.

Due Diligence

The Rain Finance Group has assisted many major universities with executive due diligence and regulatory investigations across the globe. We provide comprehensive background information and intelligence reporting including: personal and business reputations; financial and operating histories; verification of key non-financial representations; records of litigation and disputes; environmental liabilities and other actual or undisclosed problems


The complexities of today’s global economy present numerous challenges for educational institutions around the world. Contemplating new third-party and joint venture relationships while trying to understand and abide by regulatory standards means the barriers to expanding your institution with confidence have never been greater. With an increased focus on compliance, resulting in highly publicized incidents of corruption and bribery, corporations face greater pressure to take a risk-based approach to third-party due diligence.

Cyber Security

From student transcripts and medical records to research findings and financial information, academic institutions shoulder a heavy burden when safeguarding confidential data. A college or university data breach means navigating a maze of regulations, while working to maintain credibility in the eyes of key constituencies. When leadership is juggling competing priorities such as controlling costs, harnessing e-learning and improving student outcomes, little time or resources are left to focus on university cyber security threats.

Security Risk Management

Since providing protection has become a primary concern of the nation’s leading educational institutions, we help clients protect students, staff and assets by providing risk assessments that reduce exposure to vulnerabilities, threats, and gaps in existing physical security programs. Because of the consequences of inadequate security must go beyond simple detection and be designed to deter criminal activity. The Rain Finance Groupworks toward a balance of architectural, electronic, and operational measures to provide safe learning environments for students.


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